TESS Baverstock

A qualified chef and fitness professional, Tess is the founder of Full Fit Flourish and creator of Full Life Nutrition personal development coaching. After years of cooking, travel and adventure she is now mother of one and completing her BHS in Nutritional Medicine.

Tess' approach to nutrition is Holistic and personally tailored to you, focusing on biology, psychology, power and presence- empowering you to let go of fear and comparison, embrace the beauty of your mind and body and create powerful and positive change. Tess Approaches Personal Development from a perspective on Self Nourishment as apposed to Self Improvement.

"The "Self Improvement" trap can leave you feeling inadequate, stressed and constantly feeling like you must be working on being more that you currently are, like you are not enough. Self Nourishment focuses on embracing yourself as you are, loving you for you and taking the time to connect with what nourishes you at deeper level, physically, mentally, creatively and spiritually. It focuses on self love and acceptance over  inadequacy and  loathing."

Tess Is available for Seminars and Retreats, Events, Private and Group Coaching, Corporate Wellness. Please complete the form below with your inquiry.

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